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When you're expecting a baby you want to tell everyone the great news, and as your kids get older, the happiness and pride of being a parent grows as your kids grow. Part of being a parent is wanting to create a nursery or kids bedroom environment where a baby can thrive, a toddler can explore, a tween can learn and a teen can blossom into a happy and healthy adult. That's where we can help!

When your baby arrives you'll want to welcome him or her with open arms and know that you'll be bringing your baby home to a complete nursery that has all the baby furniture and bedding essentials you and baby need, like a baby crib, changing table, dresser and nursery accessories that will make life easier. You can find all the must-have baby furniture and nursery accessories in our Nursery section. We've hand-picked top quality, high-end baby furniture and nursery items to ensure that expecting-parents can create a baby space that features the best in comfort, safety and style.

As your child reaches toddlerhood his/her needs will change, so the bedroom should change too. The new room should accommodate your toddler's more active lifestyle. This is the time you'll need to get a toddler bed and additional storage units, like dressers, armoires and more to hold your child's ever-growing wardrobe. Your playful toddler will also need a toy box to keep those favorite toys in order. We make this kid's bedroom change easy by offering all you need in our kids bedroom furniture section.

When your child becomes a tween or teen it's time for even more change. Expression becomes key at this stage of life, so once again new kids furniture will be a must. Allow your trendy teenager to pick out a special kids chair like a beanbag chair, lounger or gaming chair that fits his/her personality to create a space where he/she can chill out after a long day. Proper sleep for teens is also important, so it will be time to get a big kid bed like a twin, queen, bunk bed or loft bed, so your teen gets the right amount of zzzz's.

We can help you through every kid bedroom transition by offering kids furniture for babies, toddlers and teens by top brands you can trust! Take your time and browse through our huge selection of baby and kids furniture, so you can find just the right furniture combination that will create the best baby and kid space possible!

Bryan Watson and Nicole van der Hulst