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After you know this company's history, we think you'll understand that serving your family is their top priority. Keekaroo was birthed in 1967 when Tim, the Chairman, was a student researching and developing therapy equipment for children. He had a vested interest because his daughter was born with Down's Syndrome and he wanted to gift her with a life of comfort. Soon after, Tumble Forms was birthed. Tumble Forms was a company that offered sensory rich wedges and balls. In 1988, Tim continued his research in hopes of being able to more greatly help the many children he realized could benefit from such products. He observed numerous high chairs and concluded their seat cushions simply did not provide support or growth capability for families. So Tim joined forces with his daughter Katie, son Jaime and designer Ross Nadeau. Together, they birthed the Keekaroo Height Right High Chair in 1988! They perfected the Height Right and then set out for the perfect seat cushions. Ross came up with the Keekaroo Comfort Cushions, Infant Insert and Cafe Booster Seat. We know you'll love the Keekaroo comfort, safety and cleaning friendliness along with their innovative designs that make life easier for everyone!

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